Child sexual abuse as a big issue in Rwanda.

Child sexual abuse as a big issue in Rwanda.

The National Commission for Human Rights reports that in some parts of the country there are still children who are raped and are dissatisfied with the services they receive after the rape, which calls on the relevant authorities to expedite the situation of their children.

According to various reports from the Rwanda National Commission for Human Rights and the Rwanda Investigation Bureau, the number of cases of child sexual abuse has increased by 55 per cent in the last three years as the number of cases reported to the Rwandan judiciary is 12,840, from 2018 to 2019, it received 4077, while in 2020-2021 it received 5330 cases.

The fact that it is often perpetrated at home is a serious problem because it is discussed before it is taken to the low” said MUKAMANA, a resident of Gatsibo district.

Another obstacle in the fight against Child sexual abuse is the fact that friends and family members play a key role in child abuse because perpetrators of defilement are persons who have close relationship to the child and even their parents are included among perpetrators. As realized, 4.5% of perpetrators are parents; 8% of them are sisters and brothers; 15% is for cousins; 12% of the perpetrators are neighbors; relatives are represented by 12% and friends share 4.5% while visitors are rated to 4%. Home caretakers and teachers are principally the key categories take a lead in defiling minors as confirmed by field findings they share 33.5% of total perpetrators. Neighbors and cousins come second and third in defiling the innocent juvenile with 15% and 12% respectively

“ I have a child with my cousin , my parents told me to not speak in front of the police officer what happened to me, because it is a taboo” one of abused ladies witnesses

it is also shown that the major causes of defilement are  alcoholism (20%), prostitution and cohabitation equivalent to 14.2% and 11.4% respectively while 8.5% engage in such acts with a presumption of getting cured from Hiv aids and the same number practice such illegal act because they are addicted. prostitution due defilement occurs at 11.4%, provocation, sexual perversion are rated to 2.8%, poverty has 5.7%, vengeance is rated to 7.1%, wickedness (believes and human sacrifices) have 4.2% while other factors count 8.5%

Rwanda investigation bureau says that they are going to work with Rwanda prosecution to fight against those crimes, but in September Rwanda prosecution has released a list of more than 300 people convicted by crimes related Child sexual abuse.