Wisdom School is an international school located in Musanze town, it has a variety of levels including nursery, primary and secondary schools, according to the administration, and they are ready to host the remaining classes of students which will start school on 23rd November 2020

Elie Nduwayesu, the principal of the school, said that all the requirements are there, to accommodate the students as it remains not more than two weeks.

"We have all the requirements to welcome the new phase, and we are ready to continue to tighten the Covid 19 protection measures and regulations," he said.

Since 2012, the school has been conducting national examinations and 100% of the students' are sent to public, with at least 10 of the country's best-performing and successful national-level, three or four from wisdom school would be in, this is where the principal of the school says that their winning plan will continue even though the covid 19 seems to have the negative impact on their performance.

Wisdom School has boys and girls dormitories and students are fed in the center 4 times a day.